How art is created? What is an artist’s everyday routine? Where artists get their inspiration? What are the challenges of being an artist and an entrepreneur? As Fran is pondering these and other questions, she is recording her experiences in this blog.

Why is practice important to me?

We are told we should never say “I can’t” because we can and will if we practice. More accurately I am now aware as I progress on my personal journey, it should be “I can’t, yet”.

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An artist’s journey through time

Art is not the product of individuals, it is the product of a community. It reflects collective beliefs, values and ideas. My art reflects the collective beliefs of my family and friends and the many people I have met and spent time with along the way, and more recently as I have transitioned from my career as a weaver and linen shop owner to a full-time painter.

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"Once an artist is successful, his life is often quite boring".

— Haruki Murakami Killing Commendatore —