A Different Time…

Taking a look back over the past year I can now appreciate it has been quite surreal. Looking back reveals an unfolding of time and emotions one never could have imagined; a period of my life that has been both pleasant and painful, but not for the reasons I would have anticipated, had I the benefit of hindsight.

Out of the Shadows

As mentioned in my recent final reflections on lockdown blog, I have pursued a number of purposeful activities during lockdown, including an experimental project called ‘While the kettle boils’. I enjoyed that project so much that I have recently taken up a new experimental project observing and responding creatively to shadows.


Most definitely, it is the yearning that drives me to practice and create. Quite recently I have become aware however that to create a painting, for me is not a simple or singular act of placing paint on a substrate.

An artist’s journey through time

Art is not the product of individuals, it is the product of a community. It reflects collective beliefs, values and ideas. My art reflects the collective beliefs of my family and friends and the many people I have met and spent time with along the way, and more recently as I have transitioned from my career as a weaver and linen shop owner to a full-time painter.